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No, that's not a typo.
HuvrBoard is a unique infinite runner game that has you in a hoverboard chase in the manner of Back to the future 2.
"In the depths of Roscorp Labs, Steve attempts to steal the elusive Red Diamond, so he can claim his riches. As he tries to nab the gem, he sets of an alarm, sending dozens of guards after him! Steve quickly grabs the red diamond, hops on a Roscorp Huvrboard, and speeds off , racing for the exit!"
Rather then just jumping to avoid obsticals, you can also duck, and use your gun to detonate explosive traps. And rather then just "plain" jumping, you can jump off of your hoverboard into the air, or preform a kickflip and raise your board into thee air to avoid ground traps.
So yeah! Over the next few days ill be updating on progress!