Drop The Fox (iOS and Android)


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Drop The Fox

I’m happy to announce the release of my new mobile game ”Drop The Fox” for both Android and iOS! A beautiful game filled with amazement and cuteness, but don't get fooled by the tiny cute creatures.

The Fox is on a journey back home, and he needs your help to get there.
Adventure throughout up to 60 levels of more difficult challenges as you get closer to the end.
Timing is the key as you dive into the many obstacles that the game is giving you to find your way.

Do you like fast but yet strategic thinking on the run? Then this game is for you. The game is designed to not require long playing sessions, but yet making you wanting that your lunch break at work was longer so you could beat more levels before you head back to work.

Don’t wait any longer, prove yourself and see how far you can get!

Drop The Fox features:
-Up to 60 levels to play!
-Exciting and challenging levels!
-Beautiful graphic design!
-Cute characters!
-Unique and amazing soundtracks!
-Share your progress with your friends!

Get the Game

- iOS: Free
- iOS: Paid
- Android: Free
- Android: Paid
- Drop The Fox on Facebook
- Drop The Fox on Twitter

Screenshots and Video



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Any feedback will be appreciated! :)

Game looks awesome!

EDIT: Don't advertise your games on other announcement threads.

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That was my edit telling Elite to not advertise his game on your thread.  Sorry for the confusion.


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I can't seem to find how to submit my game to the Stencyl Arcade. A little help will be appreciated!


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There isn't an upload option on the site.  You publish directly from Stencyl.