The art of tiling


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I still don't have a great deal of experience with tiling. I'm sure practice is very important but I'd like to start in the right direction, with some good tips, best practices etc.

Mostly I'll be needing to make outdoor terrain to set missions among.

A bit like you see here in Shining Force:

or to a lesser extent like what you see here in Puzzleot:

Advice? Recommended links?


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 Great  information  there, thank you so much Pyxelbit. I am not an artist who will be creating tile sets, but I feel that it will be useful for me to have that enhanced understanding of how tilesets are made best.

If you have anything else that you would reccomend specifically to help me become good at USING tilesets that would be very helpful too, thanks again!


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i would say using the tileset is similar to making one. your not working with pixels, but with tiles to create a  bigger "pattern". so the first thing you need is a good tileset with good variation.
Like in the "obliterating the grid" tutorial you have to place the tiles carefully to make the grid not that obvious.
Creating contrast and drawing the eyes to specific points of interest is also important.
Look at real life pictures and examples from games and try to learn from it.
And ask your artist why he made the tiles like he did.  Some tiles may have a special  purpose.

hope that helps. Understanding how and why tiles are made is probably a good start.


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Yes, I think so. Thanks again.