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Ok i want to learn how to start making codes in case i can't figure out how to put the blocks. Where is a good place so that i can learn how to code using stencyl?


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if you can't figure out the blocks, coding isn't going to be easier. I would search for tutorials for learning python, its a simple language that will introduce you to the concepts of programming. You can use that to make behaviors in stencyl


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I would advise a beginner to use Design Mode in order to understand the basics of programming...
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Do you have any specific questions about the blocks? I know can be a little overwhelming, and I write code for a living. Once you go through the Design Mode tutorial, it really does all make sense. And really the blocks represent a coding language in themselves, it just easier on the eyes and you don't have to type as much.


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Its not the fact that i can't make blocks. I have actually made a few behaviors myself but i want to try something harder liek coding.


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What do you want to learn? If you want to learn specifically how to code in Stency's code mode, there's no way to learn specifically  that from a tutorial. No one has made one. However, there are many other tutorials on using free tools to learn Actionscript.
A note - Many people consider actionscript an easy language to learn, but I personally find it harder than C++ or python.
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If you are going to be coding with Stencyl then you want to use the API docs:

Also, since Stencyl is primarily based on Flixel, it useful to become familiar with that framework:


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another good way is to look at the preview code tab that is in every behavior


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Ooh ty for the link niccosw that helped a ton :D and thanks gigaclon thats another way to do