Questions about Stencyl


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Hello guys,

I would like to ask some questions about Stencyl and especially compared with Construct 2. (without going sentimental, i need a good and objective comparison)
While Construct 2 seemed the easy go solution we've encountered many many problems especially regarding exports and memory management.

As you may know C2 has no native exporters, it's all done with wrappers (node webkit for Desktop) and Ejecta/CocoonJS for mobiles.

I was codeveloping and app and we are about to publish it but here is the thing. Mac OS Node Webkit is shit, everything is delayed with 5 seconds. Mobile version can't handle the bad memory management and finally we are a bit stuck because all we can do in the end is  releasing  a desktop windows app using node webkit.

While Construct 2 can be nice for LITTLE programs and applications it does not hold its promises considering big projects.

I wanted to know your thoughts about Stencyl, its performance and capabilities regarding exporting (is it native export?) on WIndows, Mac OS and iOS.

By the way, the game:

Thank you for your time.


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After my short experience with Stencyl (mostly Linux and Android), I generally think that it may be a very good choice for some apps and games.
Performance on android is overall quite good. Much depends on how you program your application and what performance you expect. I mean, Stencyl exports games for android just fine. No delays like you described, but of course it all depends on the hardware you plan your game to run on. Some games that use sounds and for example play with transparency on actors or involve lots of collisions will works excellent on new Nexus 7 2013, but on a low-end phone with single core processor and 512 Mb RAM will play 3 fps with stuttered sound, and for example the sound problem is an OpenFL bug, so it might be corrected in the future.
Another thing that worries me is a size of the apk files. Google will not accept files above 50 MB and Stancyl does not support any kind of expansion files. In some cases 50MB might not be enough.
Just my $0.02.