How do i make Sword attack behavior possible with 1 actor?


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This is how it looks like now. I'm having a problem calling the Facing right? right to make it false to do the left attack..

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here is an example of what i was able to create.

here is an extremely simple way to do a slashing behavior as a good starting point i attached this post.

so basically the idle image the hitbox is over the player and when you hit a button to slash the hitbox is covering the sword. this means the collision is projected infront of you and if it hits any member of a group an action happens. (kill + Score)

also a sensor under the player. so idle image lets arrows pass trough and hit the sensor but collide with it. so if i do the slashing image the hitbox sensor stops arrows (unless u push too late)



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Here's how my game looks now, I managed to make it with more actors :P
I summoned the slashing actor while hiding the main sprite then I destroyed the actor, and showed the main.
the new slashing actor had the inflicts damage effect so it hits and damages.