Rain light


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Or maybe Rain stars

The title could change
the main concept comes from a future game concept i'll sell after this one.

It's about Playing a character who light platforms in screen

i hope bring a demo fast.


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not bad, i hope the game will be successful! ;D


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Oh thanks a lot

the first  playable build is here

I tried upload here but doesnt work.


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How the heck do I jump? I can only move left and right. Using laptop no number pads or anything. Why not just make Z or SPACE jump?


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If you start the game with the blonde woman, you can't jump , there is no need for that .you can succed without jump.

If you start the real game , jump is done with UP arrow
the wall jump are not good for the moment , i'm sorry.

i'm new to make games so there is a lot of mistakes .
Didnt knew people will got so much problems , i have a laptop (toshiba) and i was able to play the game.
anyway i'll change everything and use letters or put a control change panel.
This version is early demo , so it's far from perfect.

but again, the blonde girl is not the heroine, you can't jump with her.
Try many directions and maybe you'll win the stage.


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wow great game! i like the concept, its very original.
i think you should add some more sound fx and will all the levels have a black backround?


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Thanks a lot!

Yes, the version you saw is total a test version
nothing really definitive except characters and some background

For the levels, well, levels are in fact stars of the sky , so the game will set mostly in space , so black stuff, but i'll try to surprise players the most i can.

Great Game! And great sprites! It looks very professional. Keep up the great work! ;D


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thanks supersecretgames
means a lot for me