Enabling FPS Monitor alters published games


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The solution (to disable the FPS Monitor in published games) has been found in my other thread, but I wanted to point it out directly to the devs so that maybe it could be fixed. So here's the issue as it was in the other thread:

My game works by creating and destroying distance joints to allow for Spiderman-style swinging. To prevent any weird physics, the joint is automatically destroyed when the player lands on the ground. You can also adjust the length of the joint.

When testing my current game out, by pressing "Test Game", everything works as expected. When I take the same game and publish it, it no longer works properly. When landing on the ground, the joint never gets destroyed and the player slides along the ground. The joint should be destroyed whenever the bottom of the player collides with anything, which is obviously occurring since the player moves along the ground. Both times the game is done in Flash with no changes made to it whatsoever. I test it, make sure it works, and then publish it.

Below are both versions of the game. The correct one I pulled from the "games-generated/game_name/Export/flash/bin" folder and the other one is from publishing. The easiest way to recreate the bug is to stand on the ground where you start, fire directly above you, shorten the joint to lift you off the ground, and then lower yourself back down.
Controls: A&D to move, Space to jump, Hold LMB to fire a "web" and swing. W & S to shorten/lengthen the joint
This is how the game should act: http://goo.gl/mGSrjA
And this is how it acts when published: http://goo.gl/71A0w5

I've attached my logs to this thread and can confirm that the bug goes away when disabling the FPS Monitor for publishing and that the bug does not occur when I pulled the Test Game and still have the FPS Monitor enabled.