Compile time


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I have a question about compiling time.
Same project (game). Same PC, only different drives and systems.
When I use stencyl at ubuntu 12.04 64x, and this ubuntu on 5400 rpm 2.5" hdd, game on this hdd - compiling time near 5-10 sec.
When use stencyl at windows 8.1 64x, and this windows stayed on high-speed SSD, game on SSD too, but compiling time 25-40 sec.
Why? And how to fix it?
I tried to find which hardware of my pc stressed while compiling, but that's nothing. A lot of ram free, swap on ssd also not used, cpu also almost free, only 10-15% stress. I mean all my resources are almost free, but WIN compiling time is sad. But i hope ssd is better
P.S. Same on default stencyl.exe and 2Gb-ram stencyl.exe
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