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I am new here and i have few questions
I wonder from where people do get their items and backgrounds. I know that some of them buy them or create, but i heard that some are taken from free sites. Anyone knows where can you take them from? Can you take them for example from deviantart free?
I am new atm so i am just playing with tools or so.

So my questions:
1) When you publish your app will someone check your background or items (pet, dog, snow) to see if you created them or bought them?

2)If you take a random background image from google and use it in your app , market will remove your app?

3)Can you take images from deviantart to use them free? Are there any free sites that  provide items/backgrounds? How about top paid sites?


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1) no they won't be checked.
2) your app will be removed if someone reports it as using unlicensed images
3) most artists apply their own licensing requirements, so you have to check every image you use.

You should never risk using an unlicensed image, as you could be sued. Only ever use images that you know are available for your use. If an image does not say you can use it, then you must assume that you cannot use it.
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PNGs are free, but you need to pay for vector files if required.
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