Can Stencyl 3 be installed on Ubuntu??? I'm havin a rough ass time just tryi...


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Can Stencyl 3 be installed on  Ubuntu??? I'm havin a rough ass time just trying to figure out how to install Stencyl on Ubuntu..


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Yes, it can be installed easily. Stencyl 3 works great on Ubuntu.
If my instructions for user newpro will not be enough, maybe this video will help.,33713.msg191476.html#msg191476
It is a good tutorial. Something I planned to do, but now I don't have to.
I think admin could add it to video tutorials to help more people.


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I don't know about installation,  but here's what I did :
Download linux version. Extract the folder somewhere. Mine is in the home folder.
Open a terminal. Cd to the location. So for me, the command looks like this:
cd Stencyl-64-full
Then type:
sh Stencyl   

Don't forget to capitalize. Also, if you extract to somewhere else, you will have to cd to that folder first.  If anyone has an easier way feel free to let me know. I'm a noob here :)