Does anyone know another block-snapping engine or tutorial for code that is FREE

The reason for it is because I have no experience in coding, only designing graphics and I wanted to make games but I don't even know how to create the behaviors for actors or scenes. Not even down to the simplest step of coding. So I wanted to learn how to code using the block-snapping system instead of actual java or C++, etc. And I also have one question if anyone can answer it. If I were to make a game for the ios, would there coding required to make the app icon usable (Being able to click and start the game) or is it automatically created upon development or placing in the app store?


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I would look onto algorithm design e.g.
Some of them have some code, but shouldn't be so hard to understand (i guess).

About the iOS stuff, you don't need to program the "click the icon and start the game", iOS does it by itself.

Thanks Jose. The question one really got me.