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Hello everyone! I've started this topic because i really need to know if someone knows when stencil 3.2 is release, I need to know this because the asmod extension doesn't won't on 3.1 and it would work on 3.2.


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I am not sure if the public release date of Stencyl 3.2 is under NDA. There is no problem in starting a project using Stencyl 3.1 and upgrading to 3.2 when it comes out. AdMob is something that you can add to your game as one of the last things. If you have already done everything, your project is complete and the last thing missing is AdMob, there is a workaround to make the AdMob extension 3.0 (only the extension, not the Stencyl built in blocks for AdMob) compatible with Stencyl 3.1.

1) Go to path-to-stencyl/plaf/haxe/extensions/ads
2) Delete the file named "include.nmml"
3) Copy the new "include.nmml" file in the ads folder (you can find it at the end of this post).
4) Clean your project using Run > Clean Project

Now you should be able to use the new AdMob extension (3.0), but the built in blocks won't work anymore.

I want to highlight the fact that you have to be a Studio subscriber in order to publish your game to Android. If you are a subscriber you will also get access to the private release version of Stencyl which is compatible with the new AdMob extension. If you are interested in publishing your game to Android, I strongly suggest you subscribe to a Studio plan.
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