What Have You Been Playing Lately?


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My current play time is shared between the latest Assassin's Creed on PS4 and the latest Mario & Luigi Paper Jam Bros on 3DS. On the mobile side, I'm playing to Heroes Tactics : Mythiventures.


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I have been jamming Terraria, even thought I normally didn't like it, with friends its awesome.


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Portal 2.
It is old but I recommend it!
Great story with creative levels.


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Pokemon X, 719 of everything caught legit, and in Bank!
Edit: Seeing if I can do Championships, now! :D


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A lot of LOZ and Skyrim. plus god of war.  I envision a blending of mechanics in the three games along with my own secret storyline being the greatest game to ever exist haha


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It's pokemon go lol


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Overwatch and Dishonored 2.
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Portal 2.
It is old but I recommend it!
Great story with creative levels.

Before Portal I've never played any puzzle game , but I saw people love it so I caught it on sale.
Portal 2 is amazing, funny, long and interesting. The plot was interesting and unpredictable and the graphics proved that the Source engine can also be pretty. Now with the workshop evolved too, Portal 2 is simply a stream of endless fun. I highly recommend :D


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Reading that first entry hit me in the feels..  When I'm not trying to put something together for this game jam, I'm playing Rainbow six Siege (Diamond baby!) and Final Fantasy 15.


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I've been playing Cities Skylines for a while. It's a fun city-builder. I built a working small town, but it was wiped out by a tsunami.


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Just started Darkest Dungeon since it is on sale on PSN. It's so great! Would recommend to anyone who likes RPG's
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Elite Dangerous. it's really neat and worth checking out if the idea of an immersive space sim sounds interesting to you