We are looking for teammates (CLOSED)


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Hi Stencyl Family,

Do you want to participate in a professional project? Do you like Fantasy Role Playing? Are you an expert Stencyler? If yes, you are at the right place.

We have just started to develop a licensed TD (Tower Defense) game which sets in Realms Of Athalon.  What is the Realms Of Athalon? A Fantasy Book Series as Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance or the LoTR. If you interest you can check http://www.athalondiyarlari.com/eng/indexeng.asp and take more information.

The game will be a TD, but we are planning to add FRP elements on it. So it will be different with the known TD games. Character level ups, magics&skills, directly character effect on towers and of course the story. They are the some of FRP elements we will use. (There are some little secrets) The basic prototype is ready and it is time to convert it a whole game.

What we are looking for?

-Someone love to develop games
-Someone has big dreams in game industry
-Strong behavior creation ability
-Who can push the limits of Stencyl. (Actually there is no hard limits)
-Strong extension knowledge or who skilled in create extensions.
-Who can regularly work on it. (Doesn't matter have a job, or being a student. We are not looking for a full-time workers. If you have 2 free hours in a day that will be enough for us.)
-And of course friendly :)

What we offer?

It depends. First, you can work with us pay per hour or pay per step. You can offer your hourly price, and we can discuss on it. This part is the easiest way for us and you.

Second, you can be the project partner. (Yes, that's right) We offer a share to you with an official agreement, and you can earn more & more cash than the first option.

What we did before?

Check www.themnuts.com (Squiroll-IOS) , www.monsterbattlearena.com (Monster Battle Arena Desktop-IOS)

Attaching some screenshots for the project. I hope you will like them.

You can contact with me via directly message or you can drop your contacts under this forum and i can reach you in a short time.


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i'm no expert in Stencyl, but i'm an experienced artist :) are you looking for artist like me? http://www.blendernetwork.org/johan-tri-handoyo

contact me : johantri@gmail.com if you interested. thanks!


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Thank you for your response Johantri.  Great portfolio you have. Unfortunately, our artwork team is strong too. But i saved your website. Maybe in the future you can help me on other projects.