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I am very new to Stencyl.  It seems like an amazing package!

Is there the ability on android to save progress and continue the game from the save point?  I went through the Learning Stencyl 3.x Game Development which I highly recommend to newbies!  But didn't see anything about this.



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When you create game attributes within your game, you will be able to save these via the save game / load game blocks.

See here:

If you plan your game accordingly, you should be able to save the progress & load it again. For example if you just want to save a list of levels the player has already completed, this can easily be done. 
However some other things can take some effort. Let's say for example you have a scene with lots of monsters roaming around, shooting at the player, etc. If you want to save the exact state of this scene (position of monsters, their health, all the shots on the screen, etc.) you would either need to create a lot of game attributes beforehand, or come up with some more sophisticated approach in saving and loading the data, for example storing all the health data in a list attribute.

Oh, and per default there is only one save game / save slot available. You can work around this restriction, but this will take some effort / planning as well.

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Thanks for the explanation.  This is really great news!

Appreciate your help!