External Data Extension [2.0.0]


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No, not required at all. That was totally unrelated to the problem you're facing.
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Thanks just wanted to be sure.

Still same issue: I can't append text to 'test.txt' in the 'extras' folder. Very simple test game, just one scene (attached) Perhaps interesting: if text is appended when clicking screen nothing happens. If appended on a timer (after 5 seconds) the game exits. FWIW I do have an sd card attached to the device (would rather not depend on user having an sd card though) THX!!


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Sorry I forgot about you ....

I reread the last few posts but I think I understand .

I'm not sure sure appending text to the file  when it is an internal extra should work.
Why ?   Because android doesn't unzip the apk when it plays it. So it cannot write inside of it. Normally you should be able to read it

possible (untested solution) : copy the text from the apk to the userDirectory and applicationStorageDirectory then write to it.

note to self: check what is userdirectory  and appplicationStorageDirectory/

Now it's compiling :) and I'll tell you how to do it with a tested solution


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Here's a new FileSave.

I've juste replaced "userDirectory" with "applicationStorageDirectory".
So it doesn't need to save on the sd card.

It doesn't have the same use as the original FileSave as a normal mobile user who doesn't have "root access" won't able to be copy the file or modify the file from outside your stencyl's program.   ( like with file explorer).

If you want to have access to the sd card. you have to set the permission like Justin said.

PS : the sd card isn't a real external sd card. it's the normal mobile memory card, so everyone has as a card.