Music Library: 102 Tracks, Clips & Loops

Music Library v1.0 is now available. Follow the link to hear a preview of some of the tracks.

Hi, I'm a game music composer and also and indie dev based in London. This is a *massive* music collection of 102 of my tracks, clips and loops. There is a wide variety of style and mood.

Great for indie game devs who need a cost effective music solution. It’s also useful for having different styles at hand so you can add them to your demos and figure out what moods suit the gameplay. It contains all the tracks from my previous music packs 1,2,3,4 & 5 and many more.

The tracks tend to be original sounding and unique rather than sound like generic styles. There are 55 music tracks and 47 clips/loops. If you like the music but want something original made to suit your game drop me an email: shaz [at] honeytribestudios [dot] com

Honey Tribe Studios