Flappy Pappy now available on IOS for Free!


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This just in! Flappy Pappy has just escaped from Funny Farm Nursing home and is on the move!  He was last reported heading east towards the mythical floating Leisure Island in the sky.

Pappy’s grandkids say he often spoke of what it would be like to live on Leisure Island.
Pappy Jr the 3rd: “Grandpa always said once he got to the magical Island in the sky he would kickback, sip Pina Coladas and mingle with the local ladies.”

If you have any information regarding Flappy Pappy’s whereabouts please contact Pappy Jr @ 007-373-5963. The family would also like to state that Flappy Pappy suffers from poor vision & balance. “He is extremely unpredictable, wobbly, weak and shaky. Pappy can change directions without warning due to his medication so please keep an eye out for him at all times."

Guide Pappy on this epic adventure filled with unicorns, skeletons, ghosts, pirates, aliens, robots, elves, ninjas, dinosaurs, cavemen, sharks, killer clowns, evil dentists, candy critters, flying pigs, and so much more it will make your head spin!
Do not be fooled, this hilariously quirky game is extremely difficult. Sure it may seem easy at the first but you will soon find out that the game play gets progressively harder with each level.  Do you have the skill and determination it takes to be a winner?!?  Download Flappy Pappy now and find out!

13 increasingly challenging levels
Hundreds of unique enemies and obstacles to navigate through
Original 8-bit music and sound effects
Upgradable health, character costumes and invincibilities
Simple one touch game play
Wall of Champions (Permanent in-game leaderboard)

App Store - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flappy-pappy/id924517647?mt=8

My intentions were to make a NES style side scroller from my youth. This is supposed to be a quirky, funny, nonsensical, feel good game. I believe I accomplished what I set out to.

I would like to thank all the fellow stencylers that helped with some bumps along the way.

Let me know what you think if you have time to check it out, the first two levels are free to play. If you do play it, please try level 2 as this is my favorite level of the game. :P


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Full Game is now free and Game Center has been enabled. Try it out if your in need of a good laugh!