Introducing Hollow Knight


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Hey everyone! We've been working on our game, Hollow Knight, for a few months now. We've got it to a point where we're ready to show it off, so I thought I'd do a post here on the Stencyl forum to let you know what we're working on!

Hollow Knight is a 2D action-adventure game we're developing for PC, Mac and Linux using Stencyl. It's set underground is a crazy old kingdom full of insects and heroes. It's a super tight action game with really fluid controls that let you bounce from enemy to enemy, unleash sword flurries, walljump, cast spells, dash away from attacks etc.

It's got a really nice art style too! The world has a strange, eerie but still light-hearted feel to it. The world is big and connected, and you progress by finding new powers and abilities ala Metroid. You can hunt through the world for secrets, and find plenty of hidden powerups, treasures and surprising encounters.

We're not coders, and Stencyl has been a really great tool for bringing this game to life. It's a really powerful and flexible tool that has let us achieve a lot so far. We've been able to put a lot into our little world so far, lots of crazy enemies and funny characters and hidden secrets and such.

Anyway, this is just a quick little primer. What do you guys think? This has been a real labour of love for us.

If you're interested in updates, you can follow our progress here: Website | Twitter | Facebook

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This looks really fantastic. I'm looking forward to progress on this game! Are you planning on keeping this thread updated?

Also your links at the bottom are all broken.
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This looks really good, I'm impressed. I'd love to see more.


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Thanks guys! Links are fixed now. Yeah, I'll try to keep this thread updated, although it's really hard keeping everything updated, website/twitter/facebook etc!


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I like the look a lot!


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Could I ask how you managed to fund this? Is it just being worked on just in your free time? It looks really nice.


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Always exciting to see a Stencyl game appear that looks this good and this professional... which is almost never. Good work!


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Could I ask how you managed to fund this? Is it just being worked on just in your free time? It looks really nice.

Thanks! Me and another guy have been working on it for the past few months, initially in our spare time but full time for the last month or so. We've still got plenty of work to do on it, so we're actually going to have a shot at launching a Kickstarter to get us just enough money to keep working on it full-time. We've had to take a lot of time off working on the game to work on the Kickstarter, but hopefully it'll be worth it! And if anyone here wants to support us, even by just putting enough money in to pre-order the game, we'd appreciate the support! :)

But of course, we'll have to impress you with our Kickstarter first. Would it be okay if I post our Kickstarter here once it's ready? Or is that a bit too spammy?


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Yes, you can post Kickstarter links.


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Hey everyone, we've set up a little teaser trailer!

Check it out here!

Just a taste of the game for now, but we'll be showing off a bigger trailer late next week!


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Looks awesome ! Really love the art !


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Very inspiring game! I love its unique look and polish. With a kickstarter boost in funds &  publicity it could become the next indie treasure hehe


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This looks great!  I really like the art style.


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Thanks man! Seeing what you were able to do with Ghost Song in Stencyl was a big inspiration!