(HELP) Wanted for 2d shooter game!

Hello Stencyl community,

My name is Eli Ward. I am looking for a talented Stencyl developer to help me with a game. Specifically a 2d shooter game. I have been wanting to make this game for well over 2 years and is the whole reason I started coding/developing games. I have used Stencyl long enough now I am quite well and can do a lot of stuff. I have a lot of the art already done as the following: Guns, Menu, Player, and more. As I said I am looking for someone to help me make this game. Please PM me, comment on this thread, or send me a email at eli.w.ward@gmail.com

NOTE: We will discuss if we will want to make the game either 99 cents or free. (For publicity).


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I believe it would be helpful to post examples of your art here rather than just saying you have done it as it will help people speculating.