Can't place actor on background CC #2


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Hello, I'm working on crash course number 2. Step 34 is where I begin to have problems. I do not have an over head background tab. In it's place is atlases tab. As an alternative I went to the background itself and selected option to add to scene. I then tested it and it looks fine.  I repeated background to make it fill screen is only thing I changed besides what it specified in guide. I then went back to scene and clicked the actor ship and it will not let me place in onto the background for the scene. I can place the ship on the bottom blank layer, but I can't figure out how to place it onto the background image. Thanks for any help!


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I posted this in the wrong forum and figured out my own question. Major noob alert! The background image of the starry space for space invaders posted as the front image in the scene was the problem. I went to the layers tab in the lower right hand corner and right clicked stars background and "sent layer back". The transparent grid layer was then my top layer and I was able to add my actors  on to it.  It didn't mention you had to do that in the crash course 2 tutorial, so maybe someone will benefit from this post.


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Thank you very much

I encountered the same problem. I've read the comments and I saw yours but no answers to your/our problem. I'm glad you posted the solution here. I thought that the layer position could be the problem but I didn't find how to change it. Thank you again, I  was really stuck.
 Hope your game project is moving forward!



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Hey, I'm glad the post helped! Good luck to you also in your Stencyl adventures! : )


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Thank you! Was having the same issue. Sent my background to back layer and then was able to add my actor to the scene.