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Hi. I'm Ethan. I'm looking for some already-started projects to get into. I'm a graphics guy, and I use Adobe Illustrator. Look at for an example of what my graphics look like.

My style is cartoony, smooth, and I guess "polished." If you're looking for pixel art, or if you're looking for highly detailed graphics, this is the wrong place. Sorry. I CAN animate, but I kinda hate doing it, honestly.

However, here's what I'm looking for. First let me say that I'm just interested in revamping your project to look really fun, and look like a lot of popular Flash and iOS games. I'm not interested in starting a big project, or starting a new project. Your game doesn't have to be finished, but I'd like to get a feel for it.

I'm going to have two slots open. I think you'll find that I'm a fast worker, and a quality worker.

If you are interested, post your project below. I'll only play the game if it's on Stencyl's site (and is playable of course). Keep in mind that it's possible that you won't be accepted- so when you post make you sure you have thick skin!

NOTE: If you are accepted, you get me for all the graphics. I don't want to just give you one graphic that is mixed in with someone else's work. No.

What games am I working on right now in this topic?:
Slot 1: FILLED (Rob)
Slot 2: OPEN

What's the catch, you might ask? Well, I do want to put these games on my site, That is pretty much it in terms of a universal rule for every project I take. I need to fill my site with awesome content! Everything else we'll be taken on an individual basis. 

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I'm making a run game.
You are a flamingo and you run in many fast-paced race.
You can multi-jump ,use items and abilities when you are racing.
Basic coding and some enemies are already designed.

Your style would fit perfectly.The goal is to make a funny and simple game!
I don't mind the game put in any site as long i can make a kongregate version.
I can provide the animation for the flamingo but at the moment i'm using the Jumper by default.
Currently working at:
Starwarrior 2097(my main project)
How to make successful games in Kongregate and the world(article)


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That sounds like my type of game- however I'd like to play a demo or something, at the very least the engine, before I get involved!


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I'm in the midst of finishing up my game called JailBreak. Grapicis are mostly there but I just think something is missing to make it look real professional. I am also a little tired of creating more levels although I do think all the elements are there.

Jailbreak is a top down game with the key character, Zack, trying to break out of jail. Gameplay wise, it involves some strategic thinking to solve a puzzle and some quick reflexes to explode walls. There are unlocks and teleport elements to it. For Zack himself, I have idle, walk left and right but missing up and down.

I would not mind giving out the flash version for free. I do like to monetize the game with IOS if you think the idea and graphics are attractive enough.

I am always quite fond of your artwork. Please PM me if interested.



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I now have a lot more time available. Any other takers? Please?


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Sounds good, ill def keep this offer in mind!
My game is being made, has work to do still but it'll be fun(:

It's one biiiiiig level, that's the whole game is one level. It's called Scavenger Hunt. There are platforms and walls everywhere and you jump and wall jump all over the place looking for 10 scattered items, I'm going to put a radar in there too and other ideas as well. It's pretty fun just running and jumping everywhere can't wait til I get actual objectives and stuff haha


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I'm not sure if that would be laggy, One Huge level... Good luck though!

(Maybe do a test with a scene just filled with random blocks?)


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@Wingless: Do you have a demo to show me?


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Well it's not laggy so far, but not finished yet. And if I show you what I have now it's just right now there is no objectives yet just a stick figure (placeholder graphic) and a huge level with tiles (also placeholder graphics, I want personal tiles). But I actually have fun play testing my own game so far haha, it's just fun parkouring xD

I'm going to at least work on the radar first and I can show you a very raw demo


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I'm looking for something new. I'm winding down on my work with Droppy, so... hit me up!


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Bump again.

I'm looking to get involved in a relatively small iOS project, specifically for the Game Jam.


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Bump! I was gone for a while but I'm looking for something new to work on. Don't be shy, show me your project!


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Hi, im workin a side project at the moment. ill post up the game soon. :) just have to get away from work to do it. :)


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OK cool, I look forward to checking it out.


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Ok, here goes the pitch ;)
One Piece, being a side project is fan based on a comic.
You start out as Monkey D. Luffy/Luffy for short.
He is going to be King of the Pirates. Unfortunately, or fortunately? he ate a devil fruit giving special abilities. He is made of rubber. Only problem is, he can't swim. (gonna kinda follow the story)
Essentially need Pirates, Pirate ships, water, land, buildings, marines, barrels, clouds. :)

The link is what I have so far.
(up arrow to jump)
Right is right, left is left.

Basically gonna make him collect Loot on his travels as he builds a Pirate ship and crew.
let me know what ya think.