Solved - Stuck Switching to scene


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Latest public release of 3.2 (the one available on the main site) seems to have issues with testing on PC.

I've installed it and every time I hit "Test Scene" with PC as the target it compiles, finishes and opens the stencyl window. Then in the log it just repeats the message below and the game window is blank and white

Level:     INFO
When:      2014-12-13 18:32:46
From:      stencyl.sw.util.StreamGobbler

Engine.hx:1735: Switching to scene 7

endlessly. The 7 depends on what scene you're trying to test..

Logs forthcoming.

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Nothing to do with the logs.

Atlases got introduced after my project was started so I just ignored them as I didn't immediately need their functionality. A selection of my levels didn't get settings for atlas bindings automatically added and were set to "retain". When i pressed test these levels didn't load.

I flagged them all to use atlases and be present in all atlases and hey ho it works again. Joy!

That's a couple of days of pointless faffing about. Bleugh.