Multiple actors affected by same list in RPG


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I'm making an RPG that uses status effects a lot.Things like enemies max health and max mana are determined by a number of items on a list called "stats".These numbers usually include a base number, a "buff" number and a 'debuff' number.

For example an actors damage power is determined by items number 0+15-22.

The problem is that when I change something on an actors list it affects all of the actors of the same type.

For example lowering the max health of one skeleton lowers the max health of all skeletons.This problem also persist from scene to scene, for example after the scene reloads all skeletons will still have "lower max health' status effect.


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Game attribute list or local attribute list?  Hidden or non-hidden?  If hidden, did you set the list to the "create new list" block before using?


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I think I've found a solution.I've made the  "stat" list a hidden attribute and I created a second list called "base stats".When the actor is created it will switch the "stats" list into a copy of the "Base Stats" list.