need add "kick" animation to my soccer game


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need add "kick" animation to my soccer game.

i fix the "kick" betwin player to ball, but animation not change...

anyone can help ?
or give me guide?


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i try ..

whene "space" key  was prassed-> switch animation to animation "kick"

not work..

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Presumably you have something overriding this. Mind posting the other code this actor has?


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I use a jumper kit (jump and run)... and add event...


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Have you add a delay time between 'kick animation' and 'normal animation?' it should be equal to/or a little longer than kick animation.


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i try new movment..... not jumper kit....
what to chois on "choose a Behavior " ?


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you need make behaviour for yourself, jump and run kit use animation manager.
that mean it will lock all animation so you cant do animation for yourself like kick, attack or something else.


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Post the code. You can see a camera at the bottom on the right of stencyl. Take a picture and upload it here