BOLTING BoB [iOS/Android]


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Bob doesn’t like sitting around doing nothing, he likes bolting around the jungle doing whatever he can for fun. Join Bob as he goes around doing his monkey business.

***How to Play***

This is my 2nd game using Stencyl. Compared to the first one, i'm clearly getting more experience as i go on. Please check out the game, feel free to ask any questions about the game or behaviours you might want to implement in your games. And please rate if you have time.

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Just added a video for gameplay so you can see the game before you decide to download


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its good, but i think you should fix the icon and monkey graphics, it looks like a copy paste, with that white outline. it looks even worse with the very good looking background. :P


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Thanks ChristianEs.

That's what i want to hear. As this is my 2nd game with stencyl, i want people to let me know what i can improve where, so i can get better and better as i go on. Please feel free to let me know if you come across any other things i can improve on   8)