Team Project (Jobs Open)

Hello Stencyl community!

My name is Eli Ward, and I am a two year and counting Stencyl programmer and counting. All together I am a three year game developer. I have made several game, two Android releases, and two IOS releases very soon. So I am not new to the world of game development.

What I am in need of:

I am looking for a group of artists, Stencyl programmers, and others that will be dedicated to a large project.

The kind of game:

The reason I ever started coding, was because I played a shooter game for IOS and became engrossed in how cool it was. So it is my goal to make a successful shooter game. Genre will be 2d shooter of course. I am looking to have three different game modes, "death match", "team deathwatch", and "snipers only". There will also be a small campaign. I have a good bit of ideas for gameplay.

Jobs available:

"Online Multiplayer Developer"

You can reach me by either commenting or PM this profile.

NOTE: If you are not at least semi good at the jobs below please do not PM me or comment. I WILL ask for previous game you have made or art.   If jobs are no longer available they will be striker out, or deleted. Thanks  in advance!

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