What are some reasons that your game will crash on starting? (LOG)


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I've been getting alot of Unfortunately, MyGame has stopped when trying to test my game.   I've got the optomize to kit kat version set. 

I'd say it happens 75% of the time.  Can strange placement of images have anything to do with it?  Is it just some sort of bug? Seems to compile ok.   

edit: Added LOG.  I'm new to this debugging stuff but I'm pretty sure I picked the right part of the error log.


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I have found:
1: if you test multiple times, hit  Ctrl + Alt + Delete; make sure adb.exe is not running. It will for each test.
2: Before and after each test, stop any unnecessary programs running on your device.

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Oh I see you are right there are lots of them running, what about haxelib?  There are alot of those too.


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Your reply seemed to help very much thank you!  I've learned so much here.   8)


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The processes were generally not terminated on Windows (only on Mac and Linux). In build 8080 they will be killed now.