Parkour Cat v. 2.0+ [iOS and Android]


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Im happy to share with you my fellow stencyllers the launch of my first game for mobile. Thanks to all that have been there helping with issues or giving advices.
If you find any issues or have any ideas of what could be improved it will be strongly appreciated!

Parkour Cat is a Cartoonish Mobile Game where you will play as an adventurer Cat that .... well... Does Parkour! It will be running between roofs and gaining more and more speed by time!
Make sure not to fall from that height, the floor is really far away and not all the cats born with 9 lives with them!

The mechanics and controls are very simple, just tap on screen to Jump or Double Jump on the air, calculate the correct moment to jump in order to fall correctly in the next structure!

At the end of your run you will be rewarded with Golden CatCoins depending on the amount of points earned!
You will be able to purchase new Cats, different colours and styles... As well as more lives to keep your run and save you from mistakes!
Practice hard and you will be able to appear inside our WorldWide Highscore Table!

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How long did it take you to make?

Great Game!


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How long did it take you to make?

Great Game!

Heya mate, good to hear from you.
Well it depends on the point of view you take it.... the game in fact was quick, couple of weeks maybe... But i like to take care of details , visual stuff and so on, so I've been constantly adding and adding more stuff... bigger or smaller hehe.
Also i must tell you that it has been matter of being learning on the run with it, and working it only on the free times! (As long as university allows)

We can tell something around 3 months of constant work (?)
Also its a single man team, so I've been doing all myself, code, art, etc etc


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Very nice, especially for three months! I'm impressed.


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Very nice, especially for three months! I'm impressed.

Thank you!


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Very nice game!

Thanks Rick!

If you guys come to have any feedbacks or ideas for improvements please let me know :)


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*Added Free Lives Bonus: You will get free lives sharing on social networks
*Fixed an Issue with HighScore Data Base
*Patched a Lethal Trap with lamp posts
*Fixed Bird Bug that caused you to fall like a rock
*Improved Social Network Buttons
*Added Rate us Button (Please, use it!)
*General Engine Improvements

TIP= If you use the social network share buttons you will get free lives the first time :)


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Just released v. 1.2, which includes minor engine improvements, and some issue fixings... Now you get 10 pts by killing the birds and balloons!
Also you can earn free lives after sharing your highscore with our social network buttons.

iOS Version is on the way, but it seems like Apple takes ages to review the apps hahah.

Id also like to ask you guys for your game developing creativity, if you come to have any ideas of what else could be added to the game to be more attractive or engaging , please let me know! Would really appreciate it :)

Have a nice day everyone!


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Some news, Parkour cat is (Finally!!) available on iOS, this has been a really exciting track and have learned a lot.... Im already working on some performances on both version, and specially looking my way for implementing iAds and ingame purchases...  Also some gaming improvements will be adding, including new maps/levels and new cats for store!

Any feedbacks or ideas you could share with me will be really appreciated!
have a nice day everyone!


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Version 2.0 launched:

* Lots of new Characters available to unlock at the game store!
* Many new levels and dungeons of all kinds
* Jumping and running performance improved!
* Cat Lives added! Now you can earn and comsume Cat Lives so that you can keep your race even after mistakes!
* Bonus: Free Cat Lives received if share on Social Networks!
* Added revamped and improved Global Highscore table!

Feel free to try it out on your favorite store!

# iOS AppStore:

# Android PlayStore:

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Just so you know, that android link is broken


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Just so you know, that android link is broken

Thanks for notifying me :)