Have you used Pencyl?


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I'm keeping it where it is, but I'd like to know anecdotally whether it's being used.

If you don't know what Pencyl is, that in itself is a valid answer/question.


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I haven't. I prefer Photoshop.


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Same here, I prefer Photoshop. I have looked at it though.
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I have used it, but I usually have the default image editor set to MS Paint, unless I need to deal with transparency.
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The only time I've used it was when I uploaded a couple of .gifs and wanted to give them transparency, as Stencyl doesn't give you a transparency option when uploading them.

It's a nice addition for quick edits, but it doesn't compare to the efficiency I have with the programs I'm familiar with. I'd imagine users who aren't savvy with their own image editor would get the most out of it.

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I've used it for quick fixes a few times (moving an Actor image over by a pixel, etc...)


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Although I do most of my pixelling in photoshop, I use Pencyl when I notice something wrong with the sprite after I've added it to the game and just need to make a quick fix.


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Same here. Use it for quick fixes.
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I use it for quick fixes- it's really really helpful for that. Being able to just save it into Stencyl is a lifesaver.


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I have used Pencyl occasionally when I want to change something and dont want to take the time to pull up my other editor. So if you are thinking of taking it off, please dont.
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Same here, quick fixes. In Little 4 Eyes I actually did a bit more than just "quick fixes" by redoing my tileset that I threw together quickly to include some brick-like tiles. It really helped not having to reload a tileset for something as simple as black and white 8x8 tiles - but that's about all I'd see using it for - too familiar with GIMP.
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I've used it to tweak things.