Bandit the Fox


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Bandit the Fox. What started out as a test game made with Stencyl has now become a full fledged game.

In the game you play as a fox named Bandit, raiding dangerous chicken coops in search of tasty eggs. It's a twitchy, fast-paced platformer game. Not much in terms of a story, I know. I was inspired by The Fantastic Mr. Fox and the game play mechanics of the original Meat Boy (still haven't played Super Meat Boy though, all I have is a Mac!).

Right now I'm working towards releasing it with 30 levels in 3 different worlds (27 of increasing difficulty and 3 boss levels) plus an additional 10 bonus levels that are unlocked after collecting a certain number of eggs.

It's coming along nicely without much of a hitch. All I have left to do is to make a few more levels, finish 2 more boss scenes, and get the music and sounds going (a friend of mine is handling that).

After I finish that I'll release it (probably in another 2 weeks or so). Then I have plans for additional level packs, each with a certain theme. First up is a comic based them with episodes entitled "Friendly Community Arachnifox," "The Fox of Steal," and "That Red Canid."  Each episode is an additional 10 levels with a new look and new fox costume. Then I have plans for a Scifi pack and a Horror pack.

A preview of the first 10 levels can be seen here:
(Note: The jumpy frame rate on the video is an issue with the video capturing software and not the game itself. The game runs pretty smooth)

and here's a preview of the Bandit with the Comic Level Bandits.


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Awesome game you've got there. Can't wait to play the final release.


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I finally got a chance to check out your video and I'm very impressed! Keep it up!

Great! Cant wait for it ;D