Dialog choice selection issue (simulate key)


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I'm using the dialog extension for a mobile game. I've managed to simulate "advance dialog" by simulating the appropriate key press and release when the mouse is release, and it works great. As for the dialog options, I'm doing exactly the same thing except with swipes, "swipe up" &"swipe down" for scrolling between the choices, and "swipe right" to select the choice. Scrolling up and down works great, but not selection :(. Maybe it has something to do with how long the selection button is being pressed? I've tried changing the selection key, I've tried using separate events instead of a custom block, but it still won't work.

I've attached screenshots below, here are their details:

1.png - the custom block I'm using for dialog choice controls (up/down/select)
2.png/3.png/4.png - the swipe events for up/down/C (selection button)
5.png/6.png - my Dialog Extension settings


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Is the swipe triggering (can be checked with print blocks)?


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Yes, all swipe events are working (attached screenshots).


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Hey. I'm unfortunately busy right now, but in a couple days I should have time to look into this. I think it's probably because simulated inputs aren't registered for some of the input checks in the extension.

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