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Crash Course 2 and Chapter 2 have not gotten a look over yet.

The other articles are orphaned articles that we'll probably remove in the future. How did you discover the labels article when we haven't been using them for a long time?


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New blocks guide looks great! Having quick access to the rest of the Haxe names for the functions will be a big help.

There is one technicality I noticed, and I'm not sure if it is a bug, should be a suggestion to look at, or should just be documented--but there's a subtlety in those two "game attribute with name [---]" blocks that's worth noting. Depending on the platform, they either initialize to zero, or null. This could be troublesome if you use those blocks to implement, say, a high score for each level of a game (using the scene name for the attribute name). On Flash, the check "is new score greater than current high score?" works as expected, but on Android (and Linux too, if I recall right) this check fails because you're comparing a number with null. The result is a game that appears to break itself when you try to run it on a new platform


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@Jon, the labels I found when I was searching for something else on the Stencylpedia , I noticed the article and checked it out and saw it wasn't editable. I didn't know Stencyl didn't use it anymore. Also , do you think you could keep the Multiplayer games article around and upload it to GitHub ?  I'm in middle of writing a article for it. I'll create a PR when I'm done.
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@Jon, just a quick note to say I love that the docs are now on Github and user-updatable. Excellent work!


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Hello Hectate,

I started a topic with the following question :-

" According to stencylopedia, pausing don't affect 'Every N seconds events'  :-
" What about "do every N seconds" events? These also remain active. If you wish to pause them, wrap their contents in an if-statement checking whether the game is not paused. "


In the game I am working on, When I pause the game it also pauses all 'Every N second events' I have! One possible explanation I am guessing is that because I have these 'Every N second events' in actors and not in behaviors and pausing pause those actors and  don't allow them to carry there Every N second event but I am not sure and would like a little explanation as this can cause some bad bugs in the game.
and Donni11 pointed me to this thread. Please solve my doubt, and Thanks for helping the community!


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you NEED a search function. i'm so new and finding the only way to learn this program is literally to read every manual and tutorial you have just to find a few bits of information i'm looking for.
a way to share coding tips on the forum, or more forum categories would very much be appreciated too.


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There is a search function. Top-right corner of Table Of Contents Stencylpedia Page.
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There is a search function. Top-right corner of Table Of Contents Stencylpedia Page.

thats actually for the tutorial, NOT the encyclopedia of Blocks:
This has no search feature.


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You can search from within Stencyl and then find the description for that block by clicking found help I believe


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random thought for updating the stencylpedia:
you should put somewhere as a side note the version of stencyl it was written for. that way if there are discrepancies that you don't get to super fast people will have a bit of context for whats going on.


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and also
are completely safe websites to both visit and also look up stuff.

SNES stands for Super Nintendo Entertainment System

NES stands for Nintendo Entertainment System

For I highly recommend the following 5 tutorials
A message box with messages like Breath of Fire II for SNES

A message box tutorial with messages similar to Illusion of Gaia for SNES

A type up characters example (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 a Z etc.)

A tutorial of how to make only specific blocks moveable

A tutorial on how to make actors with unique ids have variable affected for specifically them
for example
Jason 1 has attribute Health to equal to global attribute Kylee which is 1

Jason 2 has variable Health equalling to 20
and also global attribute Kendra to equal to whatever Jason 2's Health is equal to
(Kendra == Jason 2.Health);

Also for next coming out Stencyl I highly suggest all of the following 6

keyboard_string(); which shows typed up text however it is typed

ability to do variable equals to keyboard_string amd if variable is equal to typed up text something happens
for example
Kylee = keyboard_string();
if (Kylee == 1aTree83)
  Scene Go To (Kendra_House_15);

Codings people are permitted to copy and use and distribute

+ × ÷ / etc. blocks of right side permit anything to in their right block taker side

A unique id code block that can be used to apply only to that specific instance of an object for example
Code: [Select]
if Engine.engine.Jason(1) != null; //if a Jason with id of Jason 1 exists in room
Engine.engine.Jason(1).unique_id = CocaCola014; //Jason with the id of Jason 1 has another id named CocaCola014
globalAttributeMaria = (CocaCola014).hp //global attribute Maria is equal to whatever the Jason with an id of CocaCola014
has as hp
(CocaCola014).setXVelocity(2); //Jason with the unique id of CocaCola014 goes two pixels right constantly (continuously)

if (Johnny_Exists_in_SceneArbok > 0)
  if (LastCreatedActor = Johnny)
    var J; //Create an attribute named J
    J = LastCreatedActor(Johnny); //J equals to last created Johnny
  globalAttributeJohnny_Number += 1; //global attribute Johnny gets increased by 1
    Engine.engine.J.unique_id = Johnyid + global.Johnny_Number; //Newest Johnny has unique_id to equal Johnyid plus whatever global attribute Johnny_Number is equal to
so if Johnny_Number is equal to 15
the newest Johnny has unique_id of
if (instance_exists((Johnnyid15))) //if an actor with unique_id of Johnnyid15 does exist in roon
  if (instance_exists((CocaCola014))) //if an actor with a unique_id of CocaCola014 does exist in room
      (CocaCola014).hp = (Johnnyid15).hp; //actor with unique_id CocaCola014 has the same hp as actor with unique_id Johnnyid15 has of hp
      (Johnnyid15).setYVelocity((CocaCola014).YVelocity); //actor with unique_id of Johnnyid15 goes down direction in pixels by the amount of axtor with unique_id of CocaCola014 os going down direction in pixels

Like Game Maker Language
have blocks and coding that permit and allow stuff like
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