BALANZZE DC (Developers Cut) V1.1 free until February 10


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I'm happy to say, that BALANZZE DC V1.1 for iOS

Is Free until February 10 !
- 64 Bit
- 150 Levels
- 3 Episodes
- 5 Bonus Levels
- New, addicted, modern
- No In App Purchases

I M P O R T A N T  M E S S A G E !

Please, i give you my App 4Free, i worked over a year hard for it ! It is so important for me and my family (incl: 2 Kidz)  to bring this app into the charts ! So please, if you download it, please rate it also !! Rate it 1 Star, Rate it 2 Stars , Rate it 3 Stars Rate it 4 Stars or even 5 Stars !! what ever you want. But PLEASE Rate it !  THANK YOU SO MUCH ! its really important for me !

H A V E  F U N  W I T H  M Y  A P P !!




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Nice job with the design and graphics look sharp.. Pretty cool voice in-game

I only played thru the tutorial and a few rounds as I'm on lunch break at work.

Great concept and variations.  Wouldn't mind seeing some kind of Gamecenter achievements or leaderboards for a puzzle game.

Overall has a nice feel.  Wouldn't mind some extra graphical flair for when you win , line up blocks correclty, special sound effects, etc.

Nice to see an original idea (in my eyes anyways).   Tho I'd be careful with beggin people to download/rate - it may sound desperate which can backfire!

I do like the game, the concept is unique enough- minimalist style but still sharp.  Could use a couple extra 'flairs' or maybe gamecenter support.  It'd keep people extra motivation to keep going , compete with friends, etc.

EDIT- And yes I did rate it! 5 star

Congrats and good luck =}


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Hey thank you so much for your rating and your words here in the forum !

To implement Game Center could be a great idea ! THANKS !