Game Graphics, UI, Tilesets, Animations....and some Free Stuff to get started!


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Hello, Stencylers!  I've been working on something that is sure to help some of you who are less than comfortable creating your own art assets.

After years of working in the mobile app industry as a freelancer, I've built a site that will offer:

-Premade Template Sets
-User Interface assets
-Reuseable Animations (built with Flash)
-Tilesets for unique level design

The site is still fairly new and I'm working on new assets all the time.  If you want to try my stuff out at zero risk, visit the site and grab my FREEBIE PACK!  This free file contains dozens of .png files created by me, to use freely in your games.  If you ever decide to purchase the full packs that I create, you'll receive the raw working files from Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop so that you can really take control over the foundations I'm creating.

I love building games, and hopefully this will help clear some hurdles that have been bothering you.  Stay tuned for lots more graphics (and some free stuff for you guys) in the future!

A general working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop is recommended to get the full benefits of these template packs.

Other Notable Site Features:
-Email subscription that will allow me to update you when a new Pack or Freebie is available!  I hate spam as much as you do, so no worries about having your inbox blown up.
-Site blog containing Tips & Tricks for working with graphics, site news, etc.
-Community area where you can submit screenshots of games you are making that have used any of my graphics.  Other users can comment on your work and come play it in the Stencyl Arcade if you link to it!