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hello My name is Jeremie I am now 25, have been doing pixel art teaching myself for over 12years+ on the side.. 

basically all did it for a game called Graalonline .. You can see its a "zelda" style game since they got a lawsuit use to be called zelda online they were forced to change to graalonline (the owner of the company is a snake)

This company graalonline DOES offer you online hosted server (you can see graalgames on appstore), however .... they charge 100$ upfront for 1 year, you need upgraded "gold" accounts to create a blank server... then I dont even think you get full profits from micro transaction shops and such even if the owner of the game did nothing to help.

 They also require you to use "graalscript" and use their "animator" and "level editor" that is from the stone age compared to stencyl, even the animations are called "ganis" and are so amazingly tedious servers hire people to do them while i can do it all with pixel art on stencyl.

anyways I downloaded the RPG maker kit but its still a lot for a newbie like me to learn right off the bat. I am considering looking for someone who is interested in making "zelda style" games for app store and possibly move to multiplayer if possible.

I already have a tileset made and can create pixel art a whole tileset in a matter of a day so im not worried about the art I just need help someone tot take are of the scripting.

money: I am more then willing to work out a deal such as a fixed % on all game revenue via adds generated money (flash) and also on appstore. ex: http://www.kongregate.com/games/jersmall/ninjas-will-die is a crappy game i made in a couple days to test out the revenue from adds around 2$ sofar on newground adds for such little plays. now consider the top games on KG over 30 mil plays has potential alone. (note: one of the top is a zelda style cave exploring but its its not move + s to strike)

Games I want to make ASAP:
1. a zelda style rogue survival / adventure game. (i have a tileset with repeating trees already zelda style but bigger)
Quest for a Quest: basically a young man trying to find the meaning of life and decides to quest to find a quest to try to be at peace with himself. basically a massive map linked quests all over it giving many ways for the player to get to the end. the survival part would be having to eat (fishing, killing game, food stores) and selling what you find / health doesn't regen automatically. it would not be a "level up" game but items improve stats and you find extra hearts for more HP.

Scripts needed: quests log, NPC characters offering quests, food meter,  game animals, move and slash script, hp bar, enemies script, shops, fishing, mining, all i can think of for now and you can use the RPG maker kit scripts i will change the GUI art. (again i have all the tiles made for outside forest houses caves inside houses, items icons, characters and more)
controls: you use the sword with S and activate items with D so it quires "skill" to fight monsters and other players for multi player

2. zelda style zombie survival
pretty much same as above but could be a shooter instead of swords (not mouse based) note iera in app store is very popular.

if anyone wants more info like my examples of art i can link i just dont want anything stolen.

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I would be willing to join you in your quest (pun intended).  However, multiplayer is incredibly tough to program. Its not just buy a server license and boom you have multiplayer. You need to program client and server side applications to talk to each other in real time.


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thats fine really, I rather get some good re-playable single player games out for now. Thats great to hear I will msg you in a bit when i get back home.


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forgot to mention anyone who maybe needs help with some graphics for some games in exchange for a % on kg or ng. (they let you add partners on specific games who get a cut if you didn't know)