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There's also an Easy Math extension that  really simplifies some things (and things can be added to it if something would come in handy).
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Where's Photics when you need him? :P

Here I am.  :D

I was wondering if you guys could tell me how this compares to GameSalad? As you may know, GameSalad is primarily a drag and drop game builder. How does Stencyl compare? Are there certain things it can do that GameSalad can't? I'd love to learn another game builder that allows me more variety in the games I make. Thanks!

Technically, I find that Stencyl is far superior to GameSalad. In practice, both have crippling issues for my projects.

Stencyl Issues...

GameSalad Issues...
  • Metrics Gathering - Can't get rid of it, even if you're a "Pro" subscriber
  • Limited use HTML5 exporting
  • Good for beginners, but very limiting for Pros... probably why they're working on "Graphene"
  • Slow development - not much has changed in years.

Stencyl Advantages...
  • So many more features - Like Tiles and Custom Polygon Shapes
  • Powerful extensions
  • Not a locked sandbox - I can add my own code
  • Can publish locally - no cloud crap
  • Linux support, perhaps better windows support. (I'm not sure, I mainly use a Mac.)
  • Less drama in this community.

GameSalad Advantages
  • I think it's easier to use - The software seems intentionally streamlined for beginners.
  • Tables - more powerful and easier to work with than Lists
  • Four-way auto rotation support (Portrait and Landscape)
  • Particles

I didn't finish the GameSalad vs Stencyl series of articles on my website...

...but if I had to write the final article right now, it would be a Double-KO. I'm a web developer, so proper HTML5 exporting is huge. I've been watching the progress of a true Flash killer. It's already really close, but the next update is looking phenomenal. Too bad, Stencyl or GameSalad had the potential to be that software. Instead, I haven't completed any new games in over three years. The best I could do was port Annoyed Tomatoes to Stencyl, which unfortunately stopped working on my website.
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thank you all for the great insights. I will definitely start trying out the free version for Stencyl. For now I'll put my games out in GameSalad, but once I have more time I would like to tap into the options I have here that I don't with GameSalad.