Attack Of The Mutant Space Monkeys


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This is a 2D beat 'em up/platformer. It's a humorous attempt at poking fun at "retro style" indie game cliches. 

Excuse plot, because I'm TOTALLY original
 You play as a space ranger named Joe Attitude, and he's going to defeat the most recent threat in humanity, the Mutant Space Monkeys!They've planned an cliche alien invasion.  As expected, you play the role of the big ole Mary Sue and defeat the monkeys in this excuse plot.


-There are 15 levels

-Each level shall play with different gameplay elements, in order to prevent the game from being boring

-The game will be limited to ONLY 8-bit graphics and color palettes. The more "retro", the better, right?

-The game will be challenging, but fair (EX: no instant-death blocks or kaizo traps)

Screenshots (In development, pictures may vary from the final game)


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I dig the retro look. The monkeys are a combination of cute and creepy :)