[SOLVED] Collect Coin - does not get killed


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Actor Groups need to be set to collide with each other


Just a quick question

I have an actor (coin) who gets spawned every (five) seconds and moves (up) with set (speed)

When they are collided with an actor group (player)
It SHOULD set:
(increase coin attribute to +1)
(kill actor)

HOWEVER, this does not work and the coin just continues as normal (set y-speed to____)

Game Type: Endless Runner (Infinite Game)

Simple Info:
I want the coin to be destroyed when it collides with the main player as well as increase coin attribute to +1
The coin should also kill it self when leaving the screen if it does not collide

I have done everything I know (collision, game attribute, random number to create actor in scene, physics)

This doesn't seem hard and I have done this before in previous games but somehow it isn't working

If you know or could help, please post  :)

Much appreciated

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Please post the code/behavior you are using.
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Is the attribute working? Ensure your actor groups are set to collide. For some reason I have seen this myself where it defies logic and doesn't die. what I do is switch to an animation with no image to give the illusion.  (it might eventually eat memory but you can put a die after scene behaviour on)


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The code is used in the Coin Events:

When (self) hits group (players)
-Kill (self)
-[Game Attribute] Set (Coins) to ((Coins) + 1))

@8fifty2 - Thanks it worked after setting actor groups to collide to each other! Now time to fix up other things...