Is the "Beginner's Guide" still worth a purchase?


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I've been thinking of getting back into Stencyl and I was planning on buying the Beginner's Guide to help me get up to speed with the newest version, but I'm curious: the latest version is 3.2, with 3.3 right around the corner, and this book was actually written for the initial 3.0 release, correct? Is there enough difference between the version this book was written for and the current version to make it obsolete, or is it still worth a buy?
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I think this
is what you are looking for .


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I got the book with 3.1, transitioned to 3.2 half way through reading, and all was well.  There are a few minor things, but most are obvious and shouldn't cause you any issues. The game in the book converted just fine to 3.2 and it is an EXCELLENT book!
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Whoa,  discounted from 199$ to 9$? I think I'll sign up