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Here are 34 of awesomest (best) facts I know:

NES stands for Nintendo Entertainment System

SNES stands for Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Going faster than the speed of light is possible for all of space itself.

Orange peels have the most vitamin c of an orange.

Orange rhymes with sporange.

Green is the color you get when you mix yellow and blue together.

Light from the sun takes about eight minutes to reach planet earth.

Eating cayenne pepper can easily seal up an ulcer killing its bacteria.

Heat Man is the only original Mega Man cartoon character who is from Mega Man II for NES and talks to a bot from both Mega Man and Mega Man III.

All in this post regarding alphabet stuff is regarding The American Alphabet.

A is the first letter of the alphabet.

Seeing planet venus from earth is sometimes possible.

Kodachrome is a type of film.

Walking non stop from San Diego, California to Madison, Wisconsin would still take a human being more than 5 weeks to get to Madison, Wisconsin.

Ice Age is the only original Mega Man cartoon series episode where Ice Man talks.

B is the first consanant in the alphabet.

Low is spelled alphabetically.

E is the second vowel in the alphabet.

Keep is peek spelled backwords.

K is the eleventh letter of the alphabet.

On is spelled in reverse alphabetical order.

In Breath of Fire for SNES sleeping at Arad is free.

GML stands for Game Maker Language

Being moved faster than the speed of light is possible for both any of space itself and also all of space itself.

It is spelled alphabetically.

Now is spelled alphabetically.

Going faster than the speed of light is possible for any of space itself.

Duck Duck Goose is a popular game many people play.

GML is literally the easiest programming language to learn.

Y is the only letter in the alphabet that comes before Z but after X.

All is spelled in alphabetical order.

Hi lo is the one card game that its card game name is spelled alphabetically.

O is the fourth vowel of the alphabet.

Of is spelled reverse alphabetically.
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Nice try #GML :-)
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