Player Questions


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I want to make a scrolling game.
I'm having a lot of problems, and I have a lot of questions.
Could someone help me answer them, or send me to a link that answers them?

1. All the tiles are 16 by 16.  My problem is that it shows the entire map, and everything is tiny.  Is there a way I can zoom in on the player and have the camera follow the player? 

2.  How do I make an overlay that shows health, coins, etc.

3. How do I make save files?

4.  How would I make an Inventory?

5. How do I write text?  I have a font I thought I could use for that.

That's all my questions, if someone could help me figure that out, it would be great. Thanks :) :)


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1. In the scene you can make it so the camera follows the actor using the move camera to block.
2. You can make new actors for health, coins, etc that have different animations that for example show full health or low health and change the  animation on collision with certain things.
I'm not sure about the other things though.