Word Game Expert Needed - Paid


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Hi there devs. I'm a designer by trade and I've been learning and building my own games with Stencyl. If all goes well, I'll have one done soon and on the Apple iTunes store. This morning, while in the porcelain office, I had a great idea. Don't all great ideas start there?

Anyway, after some thinking I realized that it would take me months (at best) to develop my skills to execute this idea. It's simple, been done before (over and over in fact) - but I have a twist, that will be very easy to market.

What I need: I need someone to build a turn based word game along the lines of scrabble or words with friends. The mechanics are t he same as these games, nothing new. I can explain my differences easily enough once we agree on a price. This does not have to be build with Stencyl. I don't really care how it gets done, but I will be looking to publish on the Apple store through my dev account.

Please send me a message and include some of your experience including links to existing games and a price range. Ideally these will be word based or at least turn based so I know that you can execute this. Thanks in advance.


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Yeah, multiplayer is not well developed in Stencyl. Server side programming is complicated regardless of the system used. Good luck, though!