Tiny Dangerous Dungeons - Available on App Store and Google Play!


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Now available on the App Store! http://itunes.apple.com/app/id962404555
Now available on Google Play! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adventureislands.tinydd&hl=en

Check out the trailer:

Hop into a classic Game Boy inspired metroidvania adventure with the little treasure hunter Timmy! Explore a huge dungeon, collect hidden power-ups and gain new skills to aid you on your quest! Can Timmy survive the tiny dangerous dungeons, and find the presumably huge treasure?

Based on the hit browser game, this extended edition contains adjustments and new content not seen in the original game, like a wider resolution, new game mode, more hidden upgrades to find, and completely new area to explore!

- Game Boy inspired, stylish and retro monochrome art style!
- Explore a huge, open dungeon! Solve puzzles, defeat creepy creatures!
- Collect loot! Find the hidden ability upgrades to open new passages!
- Game Center integration! Unlock achievements and compete for fastest completion times!


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That looks well-made, with a clean retro look. It could be a winner.
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Can't wait to buy it on the 2nd! I predict great sales and a feature from Apple.


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Just watched trailer, it's great!
I wonder how this game looks in full colour though
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Will surely be featured by Apple in the iTunes home page...  :)
Amazing work, congratulations!


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Appannie hasn't updated yet but I can see your game in the Best New Games list for US 8)


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Post some download numbers the game looks really awesome !!
To bad your not making some tutorial videos i would be really interested!


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Congratulations! Great game :)


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First day sales: 1020 units! That's even better than Duke Dashington did! Woo!

The game's got bunch of features too, really nice.


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Duke Dashington is featured in Nitrome's favorite games too !
Keep it up m8 your games are awesome. :)


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Your still featured how the sales go ?
Can you link a sales chart ?

The game is awesome!