Block Hop!


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Landing is a bit odd sometimes

You can actually kill yourself just by a simple jump at the same spot waaay before the block arrive, when the game just started. (click play --> jump --> shattered into pieces)


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@donni; yep I'll add sounds at some time

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Latest build is up!

I'm close to a release version now!
Updated lots of sprites
Visual effects/details
Better collision handling
Shadow with (pseudo)masking
Added stats
Added settings
Background music & sound effects
For mobile:
Game Center support mostly finished.
IAP buttons etc added, but only 'remove ads' is programmed atm
iAd banners done, Admob/Chartboost coming


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Wow ! Awesome updated !  This game is really building up !


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Hello Batuhancan,

Nice game.

I was wondering if you first published the game and made in app purchases buttons/actions later??
That is what your update-text was but you linked a flashplayer link (Which is obsolete by the way)

Anyway I was wondering if the process of adding in - app - purchases (IAP) with an update of the app  a reasonably simple process!??
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