pixel artst wanted


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i need to hire a pixel artist for some of my games. please do not respond if you cannot communicate on a daily basis on skype.

please respond with samples of animated sprites you've done.


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I can do it :D

It looks better while its actually moving , I'll show more examples as soon as I make them :P, but I have to go somewhere shortly, so I'll show more examples if you want, in a few hours.
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alex pang

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Here are a bunch of samples of my work:
I can not find any animated samples sorry, but if you really wish I can make one for you...


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depends on what project they are working on. thats to be discussed between the person whos work i like.

i am looking for something castlevania ish, as well as river city ransom style.

this should give you a good idea.



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I've made castlevania-esque sprites.


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i guess i should be more clear. i forget sometimes that people cant read my mind.

im talking about symphony of the night castlevania, not the 8 bit version :)


think of this.


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yes, this is a step in teh right direction


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What kind of project are you developing?
I'm interested in helping and partecipate!
nice day to everybody!!!  :D


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a link to your art portfolio?


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im still lookin for pixel artists for my game. talk to me on skype only. starcat42


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You don't need more than one topic for this. I merged the new topic you made into this one.