Bouncyland for iOS


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Hi guys,

I have a new game coming out hopefully this week. It's called Bouncyland.

Bouncyland is a unique iOS game with simple one touch control. It uses Apple's SpriteKit framework and OpenGL to deform the scene. I couldn't use Stencyl for them reasons.

It's easy to play but hard to master. You just have to bouncy off the ground and get through the advancing walls, collecting coins along the way. To bouncy, you just hold your finger on the screen to dive faster and bouncy higher.

I have submitted the game to the App Store for review and am hoping to release this coming week.

The game will be free to download when available.
Screenshots, a video and more info can be found at

I hope I'm welcome to post this here even though it's not made with Stencyl. I do have 2 past games made with Stencyl (Jimbo Jet and Simple Mind Games) both for iOS. Simple Mind Games is close to 100,000 downloads on the app store now.


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I would suggest posting this in chitchat if it wasn't made with Stencyl.