Squishy Physics


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I was wondering how to go about creating an actor that would react and change shape based on the things around it, like for example the player controls a slime and when you hit a wall the parts on the slime all bunch up against the wall. Or like how sushi cat responds to the things he hits and squishes against them before bouncing back.



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It's actually pretty hard to do with Stencyl because it's physics engine rigid body based.
You could try to inspire yourself from this tutorial if you want to actually make a soft body: http://www.emanueleferonato.com/2012/09/21/step-by-step-creation-of-a-box2d-soft-body-blob

If you want to "fake" that effect I did it here based on this tutorial:
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Great, Thanks! I think that "fake" version will work fine for me, that is if I can manage to figure out the code! :D