Ghost hero (non definitive name) WIP


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here is the game with the non collision ability (ghost mode)

well, it's pretty bas for the moment , i'd like some comments on the game please

i found very annoying the fact that when you move and try to jump with the ghost mode, sometimes you fail and trigger the ghost mode when you are on the ground, so the character falls

i'll try to find a way

if you have any ideas please share

for the game , well, a red line is after you , you need to rush and get the white door before the red line touch you

If you pick 3 red gems you open the red door wich will be a bonus level in the game.
this time it's just another level wich have an awful level design, if you can't let it go

I have an annoying problem
when i test the game while i work, i play kinda fine , the game is a bit dlow but it's good and when i upload as sfw , the game is fast like hell , okay it's fluid but you'll see, the game is very fast.
I wanted a character fast (not too much) because i dont want players to use run button (there is already the ghost mode button)

The jauge wich will detect the time you hold button is non working for the moment.
The red line and red figures in the game kills you and the orange one gives damages

There is no blue door in the demo, just the red.

If you are stuck into a wall , try to jump out with z and jump (up) , or press space.

the full game will be kinda shorty , it's a escape story, you are prisonner in a giant castle/tower and need to get the hell out there.